Welcome to IIBIT's Academy of English, one of Australia's newest and most modern academic language institutions. At the Academy of English our teaching staff are highly qualified and selected based on their extensive teaching experience and personalities. They are committed to providing a program that is both effective and enjoyable. Our entire team at IIBIT's Academy of English is dedicated to the success of our students. A rewarding and fulfilling experience awaits students at our Academy of English with its rich culture and vibrant study environment.


The ELICOS department of IIBIT Academy of English acts to provide international students with the language foundation and skills they need to undertake further vocational courses and/or gain a high level of competency in all language skill areas.

The ELICOS department endeavors to maximize the learning opportunities of all its students, focusing on student needs, the courses provide an introduction to the language system and socio‐cultural dynamics of language use in Australia and in the English‐speaking world. The ELICOS department further endeavors to contribute to the highest quality of English education through continual appraisal and evaluation of all its courses.

The IIBIT‐Academy of English as part of the education provider industry to international students has provided the highest quality standard in delivery of education and this has also contributed to the reputation of Australia as one that is unequalled in providing an education service that is internationally recognized.