Student Services

IIBIT provides a range of services to its students via their Student Services Team. Their aim is to assist students and graduates for their further education and career progression, provide information and advice in selecting the right career path, personal counseling in matters related to the student academic life. Student Handbook, examination results, other student resources required during the program and regular news updates on new IIBIT programs.

Change of Contact Details

All students are required to inform their contact details within 7 days after arriving in Australia and within 7 seven days of each change of address.

Enjoyable friendly atmosphere

An excellent resource room with essential books and photocopying facilities is available along with a common room for our students to socialize and spend free time.

  • Well equipped classrooms with audio-visual facilities
  • Assistance in job placements in Australia and USA in collaboration with its affiliated organization, InfoTech Professionals Pty. Ltd.
  • Counseling services on personal and future career opportunities.
  • Excursions and social programs
  • Mail collection and airport pickup services (conditions apply)
  • Advice on immediate job opportunities

Student Counselling

IIBIT provides counselling advice. IIBIT staff will be able to assist students adapt to their new environment and help with career development and opportunities. Students with personal or legal problems should see student services, who will be able to assist or refer the student to the college counsellor. Lecturers are available to assist students with learning difficulties.

Accommodation/Home Stay

Should students require accommodation, IIBIT can arrange home stay or advise on other types of accommodation. Any problems with their home stay arrangements should be consulted with student services, who can direct you to see the accommodation officer.
Students must also let the office know if their address changes during their course. It is important that the institute should be able to contact students or relatives in the case of emergencies.


All students who enrol in IIBIT are advised and encouraged to arrange their holidays during the college term or semester breaks which are listed in the academic calendar.
IIBIT will not grant any holiday leave during the academic terms. Only special leave on compassionate and compelling circumstances may be considered for approval by the Director of Studies or Campus Manager.
Students must submit evidence to show they are experiencing compassionate and compelling circumstances. The evidence is reviewed by IIBIT in decision making process.
Compassionate or compelling circumstances are generally those beyond the control of the student and they have an impact on the student’s capacity and ability to progress though course. This could include:
  • bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents ( where a possible death certificate should be provided)
  • Serious illness or injury , where a medical certificate states that the student was unable to attend classes
  • Natural disaster or political upheaval in the home country requiring their emergency travel and this has impacted on their studies
  • A traumatic experience which could include but in not limited to;
A. involvement in or witnessing of an accident or
B. a crime committed against the student or
C. the student has been a witness to a crime ( need to have supported documents form police or psychologists)

Sick Leave

  • If you are sick you MUST provide medical certificates from a registered medical practitioner
  • If you are sick for an extended period of time you must notify IIBIT immediately
  • In all cases where a student is absent without approval or seeks retrospective approval for an absence, IIBIT will record the student’s actual attendance. If this is below 80% they will be reported to the DIBP for non-attendance. This applies to all absences even where medical certificates are provided. DIBP will take into account any medical certificate when making a decision.
  • The student must keep the original certificate to provide to DIBP when required. The college maintains copies of the certificates
  • Note: Medicals are not inclusive of your attendance

Leave Application Procedure

  • Complete application form and attach copies of all supporting documentation
  • Lodge form at Student Administration office
  • Two working days must be allowed for processing of the application and obtaining approval from Academic Coordinator/campus manager
  • Students should check with student administration officer to find out if the application was successful
  • If the application is approved/not approved, you will be marked absent for any leave taken
  • Leave is approved only on compassionate and compelling circumstances. IIBIT will notify DIBP via “PRISMS”. IIBIT will include reasons for the leave, for how long the leave has been granted and details of the medical or other evidence acceptable to DIBP. You must provide a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.