IELTS Preparation

Provider Code: 01917 B, CRICOS Code: 050896 G.

Course Information:

Administered by the British Council and University of Cambridge, IELTS is required by a growing number of Australian universities as a qualification for entry to degree programs. The course aims to increase your score by 1 or 2 grades, helping you gain the skills to undertake the IELTS exam for entry into Diploma or Degree courses.

The course is designed to develop the necessary language and study skills required for preparing for the IELTS examination by enhancing student skills in analysing, responding to and composing a range of texts characteristic of those they will encounter in the IELTS examination. The course will also assist students in their development and understanding of various strategies and styles of learning. Class tasks include writing essays, reading skills such as skimming and scanning, note taking and listening for gist or specific information. Regular test practice under exam conditions allows you to monitor your progress.


Successful completion of the IELTS Preparation course at IIBIT – Academy of English satisfy the English language requirements for entry into Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma courses at IIBIT, or, the English for Academic Purposes Advanced course.


The IELTS Preparation course has assessment tasks built into the course that are on-going and cumulative during the program. Assessment will involve weekly tests based on the format of the IELTS examination.

Entry Requirements:

The IELTS preparation course is designed as a pre-university preparation program and is conducted over a 10-week duration comprising of 20 hours per week.

The IELTS course is designed for students with an IELTS proficiency of 5.0 or equivalent.

Students are welcome to undertake an English language assessment at IIBIT Academy of English for entry into this course.

Resources and Facilities:

IIBIT offers modern facilities and highly experienced and qualified staff. It is located in the center of Sydney and easily accessed by public transport.

Students have access to computer labs for Internet and research use. All English students have access to English learning software specific to their course. Classrooms are spacious and equipped with audio-visual equipment for learning. The college is also equipped with a student lounge and student notice boards.